Preserve the open space, property values, and safeguard the way of life.

Heather Ridge Community Affairs

HRCA (Heather Ridge Community Affairs) This organization is the formal communication link with the owners/taxpayers of the HRMD. HRCA is responsible for keeping the community informed and is supported & funded by the HRMD. Funding is provided from the HRMD General Fund. HRCA is responsible for presenting an annual budget to the HRMD directors for approval. The HRCA responsibilities are to produce:

Periodical print media - Heather Ridge Metro Matters. This magazine is designed to keep all taxpayer/owners/annual golfers and others appraised of current activities involving capital improvements, operations, community social gatherings and general interest items.

Internet Website maintenance - / This Heather Ridge medium was initially launched in July, 2005 to keep the community informed of events leading to the formation of the HRMD in November, 2006 and the purchase of the open space in December, 2009. The website continues to be updated by all Heather Ridge Colorado organizations. It also provides a chronological history of significant events.

Heather Ridge informational gatherings/meetings. Periodically the directors of the HRMD determine the need for community meeting(s) penned as Heather Ridge Big Tent meetings. These meetings are called to inform residents of issues of interest to the entire community. Normally three identical meetings are held at varying times within a 10 day period with the intent of making the gathering a convenient time for all

Noteworthy Links:

2/24/2013 - Homeowners get their day in court, legislature in push to rein in HOAs on Page 1K of Sunday, February 24, 2013 issue of The Denver Post

Directors - Terms - Appointments - Elections

Affiliation Name Title Email
Fairway 16 Bette Secord President
Chminey Hill Mary Lou Braun Vice Pres
Heather Ridge South Ginny Lewis Treasurer
Sausalito Pat Horton Secretary
Burgundy Edie Reidel Director
Cobblestone May Lou Braun Director
Burgundy Susan Clark Director
Heather Ridge South Van Lewis HRMD Advisor