Preserve the open space, property values, and safeguard the way of life.

Heather Ridge Neighborhood Watch

This page is presented as a service to the residents of Heather Ridge. If you have something to report please email Please include the HOA area, approx. address of the incident your name and phone number. Aurora Police Area Representative (PAR) officer Jonas Spitzer - 303.739.1825 - suggests this website:(enter zip 80014)

Note regarding this web page: We are merely providing resident eye witness reports and links to the official City of Aurora Police and Arapahoe County Sheriff websites concerning crime alerts and Heather Ridge is not responsible for the content thereof

It is no secret that the Aurora Police Department investigates many thefts and other property related crimes. But you may not be aware of the critical role citizens play in the police investigation.

Many of these crimes go unsolved because the owners were unable to properly identify their stolen items. In the event that your property is stolen, investigators will ask you for information that clearly identifies your property.

Often times, thieves will try to cash in on the stolen property by selling it to local pawn shops, various second-hand stores, or on the internet. Investigators armed with detailed property de..javascriptions and photographs can track down stolen items and those who would attempt to profit from the sale of stolen property.

By taking this simple step and creating a record of your valuables, the odds are increased that you will get your stolen property back and the thief will go to jail.

- - - - - - - - - - July 2012 Update - - - - - - - - - -

Heather Ridge Neighborhood Watch is gaining speed. We now have 6 of 10 communities up and running. Still looking for Heather Ridge South, Doubletree, Chimney Hill and Cobblestone Crossings to come on board. Our 7/8 meeting was a huge success with Guests Chief Oates and Officer JD Wkystra, Senior Resource Consultant sharing thejr message with our audience. Our PAR Officer is Jonas Spitzer - 303-737-1825 or e-mail jspitzer@auroragov.orgNon Emergency # is 303-627-3100 and Emergency # is 911. Please feel free to contact these numbers and/or e-mails if you feel you are aware of what you perceive to be suspicious activity. Better safe than sorry.

Aurora Ward IV Council Member Stephanie Hancock 720.767.0386 -    .